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The Ministry of Wealth, Empowerment, and Employment Generation, Yobe State



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Gujba PXM6+J5, Damaturu 620101, Yobe

Buni Directs Yobe Ministry To Give 400 Widows’ Empowerment Package, Supports 200 Orphans

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Yobe State Graduate Job Employment List Compilation 2024 is still ongoing.
We Are Committed To Ensuring SMEs-Driven Economy In Yobe State
Mai Mala Buni,
Hardwork & Dedication

Our Services

  • We offer training and support for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop essential skills and knowledge needed to start and grow their businesses.
  • Access to mentorship programs and resources to guide entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges of business ownership.
  • Provision of skill development programs to enhance the employability of individuals in various industries.
  • Training initiatives that align with market demands, ensuring participants acquire relevant skills for sustainable employment.
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  • We connect job seekers with potential employers through job fairs, online platforms, and networking events.
  • Collaboration with industries and businesses to identify employment opportunities and promote workforce development.


To be an enabling institution that will alleviate poverty and create sustainable wealth for Yobe citizens


To promote and sustain entrepreneurship and employment through effective use of wealth creation strategies and resources by collaborating with all stakeholders

Core Values

Integrity Responsiveness Accountability Strong Leadership Innovation

Great Staff
Bring in fresh ideas to solve Yobe’s develop mental challenges
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Ministry of Wealth Creation Empowerment and Employment Generation, Yobe State

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