Local Agricultural Leaders Converge at MOWCEEG Headquarters in Damaturu for Crucial Sector Meeting

In a bid to tackle pressing issues and foster unity within the agricultural community, prominent figures from the Leadership of All Farmers Association, Irrigation Farmers, and Vegetable Farmers Associations gathered at the MOWCEEG Headquarters in Damaturu for a pivotal meeting.

The assembly, held with the objective of addressing challenges and strategizing for the advancement of the agricultural sector, saw spirited discussions and collaborative efforts among participants.

Representatives from each association shared their unique perspectives on the hurdles faced by their respective sectors. Concerns ranged from irrigation infrastructure deficiencies to market access barriers and agricultural input shortages.

During the discourse, emphasis was placed on the equitable allocation of resources to confront these challenges head-on. Participants stressed the importance of capacity-building initiatives aimed at empowering farmers with modern techniques and practices.

Market linkages and value chain integration emerged as focal points for discussion, with attendees deliberating on ways to enhance farmers’ access to lucrative markets both domestically and internationally.

Policy advocacy also took center stage, with stakeholders advocating for supportive policies at various governmental levels to create an enabling environment for agricultural growth and entrepreneurship.

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment to collaboration and collective action. Plans were laid for follow-up sessions to refine strategies and ensure sustained progress toward shared objectives.

The gathering at MOWCEEG Headquarters underscores the significance of concerted efforts in addressing the challenges facing the agricultural sector. With unity and determination, participants are poised to chart a path toward a more resilient and prosperous agricultural landscape in Damaturu and beyond.

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